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Ascendify Integration: Connect Ascendify to Your ATS to Avoid Double-data Entry

Ascendify integration from Flexspring is the fastest and most cost-effective way to integrate Ascendify data with your ATS.

Ascendify integration streamlines your talent management processes to improve your candidate experience and lessen your HR managers’ workload.

When experts connect data, you have peace of mind.

Gain seamless integration between Ascendify and any HR app.


Improve your HR team’s productivity by avoiding double data entry between Ascendify and your HR apps.


No internal IT resources are needed to create a data integration. The experts at Flexspring handle all custom data mapping, or you can use a turnkey connector (if available).


Go beyond scheduled file transfer to gain near real-time data sharing via API to API connection.


Gain fast integration using custom or turnkey connectors.


Flexspring focuses solely on HR data integration. It’s all we do. We’re one of the leading sellers of prebuilt connectors for Ascendify.


4 Most Popular Use Cases for Ascendify Integration

Want to see how HR departments are using Ascendify prebuilt connectors to streamline HR processes? Flexspring provides Ascendify connectors for four popular integration use cases that help HR departments improve productivity.

With data integration from Flexspring, your team can avoid time-wasting, manual double-data entry. You only pay for the use case or use cases that you need.

Ascendify integration use cases infographic
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Use Case Details

Job Requisition Data from ATS to Ascendify

Rather than manually re-entering job postings, this integration automatically extracts job data from your ATS and sends the data to Ascendify every time a new job is created or pushed to your ATS.

Many-to-One Job Data Extractions

In an age of company acquisitions, branch autonomy, and international business, it’s not unusual for a company to use more than one ATS. In these circumstances, data can be extracted automatically from each ATS and seamlessly merged into one Ascendify database for display on the web. Flexspring recently created this integration for a company that had five different ATS’s.

Candidate Data from Ascendify to your ATS

Once a job is shared with Ascendify, candidates start to apply. Previously HR professionals filtered the candidates and either re-entered the top prospects in their ATS or (worse) contacted the top candidates and asked them to reapply for the same job using their ATS link.

With this data integration, all candidates or candidates that meet a certain business rule can be returned to your ATS automatically.

Further, in cases where a company uses more than one ATS, this can be a One-to-Many integration allowing candidates for specific jobs to automatically route back to the particular ATS from where the job originated.

Update Candidate Status

As a candidate moves through the hiring process in the ATS, a hiring step update is sent back to Ascendify. Synchronization ensures that hiring managers looking in Ascendify are up to date on where candidates are in the hiring process. Real-time updates also enable Ascendify to provide custom reports such as Time to Hire that help HR professionals make informed decisions about future campaigns.

Ascendify Special Connectors

ADP Integration with Ascendify

The experts at Flexspring have created a connector to solve a unique integration use case between ADP and Ascendify.

Employee updates from ADP to Ascendify

When an employee’s internal profile information changes in ADP, the updated information is automatically shared with Ascendify. Internal employees commonly return to Ascendify to look for other job opportunities within the company. Keeping an employee’s internal profile updated in Ascendify allows your company to retain quality employees when they seek new opportunities.

About Custom Integration with Ascendify

Features custom data mapping by Flexspring integration experts

Custom integration using Flexspring’s Ascendify custom connectors is fast and relatively easy. The experts at Flexspring handle the data-mapping to create a tailor-made connector for your business. No internal IT resources are needed to create or maintain your integration.

Most businesses require a custom connector to match the unique data field names and data syntax requirements of their business. If your business has created custom fields or changed data field names in either Ascendify  or the HR apps you wish to connect, you will require a custom data connector to match your unique business needs.

With custom connectors, Flexspring consultants gather the business requirements for the end result you want and do the data mapping to make that result happen. We’ll offer leading practices along the way.

With custom connectors, the client is responsible for making final configuration changes to their application databases. For example, adding custom fields where necessary, making changes to database picklists where necessary, and inserting API codes to allow the integration to work.

Fast integration

A custom integration of the Flexspring Connector for Ascendify with an HR system can be fully deployed in 6-8 weeks.

Add Full-Service Integration

With full-service integration, Flexspring provides a functional consultant to handle all technical aspects of your integration. You won’t have to look under the hood to identify the fields or technical inputs that are needed to custom tailor your integration.

A functional consultant from Flexspring also will handle all back-end configuration changes to your application databases. With full-service integration our functional consultant will add custom fields where necessary, make changes to database picklists where necessary, and insert API codes to allow the integration to work.

When you add full-service integration to your custom connector, no time is needed on your company’s side to complete your integration. We take care of everything.

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