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Connect Monster to Your ATS to Increase Job Applications

The Monster integration with any ATS from Flexspring dramatically improves recruiting ROI and eliminates an average of 20-minutes per candidate of manual data entry.

Monster Integration with Your ATS Overview

To dramatically reduce application drop-offs and time-consuming manual data entry, each Monster to ATS Integration solves the following use case:

Automatically posts an open job requisition from your ATS to Monster.com with a job tracking code. This job tracking code is tied to your internal ATS and job requisition number so that completed candidate applications can be automatically imported into your ATS.

Automatically pushes candidate applications completed using Monster Easy Apply into your ATS. This integration includes candidate data, resume, cover letter, and answers to the prescreening questions specific to each job requisition. Imported candidate applications are automatically assigned to their designated job acquisition number.

This Monster to any ATS integration eliminates an average of 20-minutes per candidate of manual data entry.

How Monster and Flexspring solved the job board problem

Job boards are great for getting candidates to look at jobs. But the biggest challenge is getting qualified candidates to fill out applications. To appreciate the elegance of the Monster integration with any ATS from Flexspring, you have to understand the problem that this data integration solves.

In the traditional recruiting flow, candidates discover an interesting career opportunity on a job board like Monster and then click a link to apply for the position. This link traditionally redirects the candidate to a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) to register as a new user, input candidate data, resume, cover letter, and answer prescreening questions.

Monster learned that the drop-off between any job board and filling out an application on a company’s ATS is massive—usually between 70-90%. That’s a lot of missed candidates. The reason is simple. Not every ATS provides a user-friendly candidate experience, and job seekers don’t like to be redirected to an unfamiliar web interface.

To solve this problem, Monster created Easy Apply, which allows job seekers to apply for their desired job in a user-friendly Monster interface. By prepopulating candidate data and avoiding an ATS redirect, Easy Apply reduces drop-offs by 50-55%.

Monster’s Easy Apply is a remarkable candidate capturing solution. Easy Apply sends captured candidate information in an email to HR recruiters. But without ATS integration, Easy Apply shifts the workload over to recruiters and internal HR staff. Rather than doing strategic work, HR professionals are forced to manually re-enter candidate information from emails into the ATS. Too often, candidates still get dropped. In this way, Easy Apply only pushes the bump in carpet further down.

The Monster to any ATS integration from Flexspring completely solves the job board problem. Open job requisitions are automatically posted from your ATS to Monster.com with a job tracking code. This speeds the hiring process. Further, this job tracking code is tied to your internal ATS and job requisition number so that completed candidate applications can be automatically imported back into your ATS. Now that’s a nifty, time-saving trick.

Rather than an HR recruiter receiving an email from Monster.com with candidate data, cover letter, resume information, and answers to prescreening questions that they must re-enter into their ATS, this integration automatically pushes completed candidate applications from the Monster Easy Apply interface directly into the ATS. Imported candidate applications are automatically assigned to the proper job requisition number.

This integration is a win-win-win. Monster can now give even greater recruiting ROI to clients due to less dropped job applications. Candidates enjoy an improved job application experience through a user-friendly Monster interface and certainty that their application will be shared inside a company’s ATS. And finally, HR recruiters are spared the soul-crushing drudgery of manual data entry.

On average, if an HR recruiter works 10 jobs a month, this can save 83 hours per month of project management and manual data entry.

Case Study: Save Time and Money with the Monster Integration

The Monster with any ATS integration streamlines HR recruitment processes and frees an HR professional to work strategically instead of manually inputting data. In companies where an HR recruiter works 10 jobs a month, a full-time employee typically is spared two weeks a month of project management and manual data entry.

No internal IT resources needed

Flexspring knows that HRIT resources are limited. That’s why our experts have created a turnkey integration between Monster and any ATS. No internal IT resources are needed to create and maintain a Monster to any ATS integration. Using prebuilt connectors, our experts handle all the set-up and maintenance.

If a custom integration is needed to meet your unique business requirements, Flexspring’s integration experts do that work too.

What Monster to ATS connectors are currently available?

• Monster with Greenhouse

• Monster with Taleo Enterprise Edition

• Monster with Taleo Business Edition

• Monster with Any ATS*

*Flexspring can build any integration with Monster that you require.

What’s included in this Monster to Any ATS Integration?

All Monster to any ATS connectors come in two flavors: A turnkey integration that meets the most common use case and a custom integration that’s tailored to meet your specific needs.

The turnkey integration includes:

Job requisition posting from the ATS to Monster


Returning from Monster:

Candidate data




Cover letter


Answers to Monster general questions as well as enhanced questions that most companies would like to know (questions created by Monster and Flexspring)


Answers to prescreening questions specific to each job requisition (questions created in your ATS)


The custom connector allows:

Changes to enhanced questions


How is Monster data integrated with your ATS?

Completed job requisitions are batch sent out of your ATS into Monster. For returning candidate data, an API-to-API connection allows for near real-time data integration. As soon as an easy application is completed in Monster, the candidate shows up in your ATS. In the rare cases where an ATS does not have an API, scheduled file transfer can be used.

How fast is integration between Monster and an ATS?

Total integration time to set-up a turnkey integration is 2-3 weeks.

Custom integration or creation of a new prebuilt connector takes 6-9 weeks including testing in a trial environment, and a go-live launch, which is handled by Flexspring.

Who is Flexspring and how do we handle integration?

Flexspring is a recognized expert in data integration for HR applications. Connecting HR data is all we do.

Flexspring’s Prebuilt Connectors run on the best iPaaS for HR integration, Flexspring (Integration Platform as a Service). This cloud integration platform solves the problem inherent in all HR SaaS apps: the data is currently in disconnected silos in the cloud. With the Modulus Connect platform and prebuilt connectors, data is automatically shared between apps.

Flexspring creates, hosts, monitors, and maintains the data integration between Monster and your ATS, so your company does not have to dedicate internal IT resources to create or maintain the integration. Simply what SaaS did for software, iPaaS does for integration.

If you have an ATS that you’re looking to integrate with Monster, let us know.

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