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Visier Integration: Connect Visier to Any HR App and Spend Zero Time on Data Prep

Visier integration from Flexspring pulls data from any HR app, transforms the data into Visier format, and automatically uploads the data to Visier.

With Visier integration, you can concentrate on gaining insights and recommended actions from Visier without spending time on data preparation.

Visier Integration with Any HR App

Each Visier integration eliminates time-consuming data preparation and data management.

Automatically pull data from any HR app. Visier integration pulls data required to produce a specific Visier report from an ATS, Core HRIS, payroll system, or another HR app.

Automatically transform data into Visier format. The pulled data automatically transforms into Visier format so the data can be load into the proper Visier fields.

Automatically push data into Visier. Once data maps into Visier format, data pushes into Visier’s SFTP and automatically uploads. You don’t have to do any data preparation.

No internal IT resources needed


Visier and Flexspring know that HRIT resources are limited. That’s why the experts at Flexspring and business intelligence analysts at Visier handle all aspects of your data integration.

Your Visier business intelligence analyst will identify the specific data fields you require to produce the insights and recommendations you need.

Once Flexspring receives your requirements, our experts create custom connectors that fulfill your business needs. Flexspring sets up and maintains your integration on our secure iPaaS, Flexspring. This Integration Platform as a Service is designed exclusively to meet the complex data transformation and security requirements of HR apps.

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HR Data Integration Experts + Best HR Integration Platform

The experts at Flexspring focus solely on data integration for HR apps. It’s all we do.

The Flexspring iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) handles all integrations. Flexspring was created exclusively to meet the complex requirements of HR apps and speed integration.

The Flexspring iPaaS solves the problem inherent in all HR SaaS apps: that data is currently in disconnected silos in the cloud. Flexspring’s integration platform and custom connectors automatically pull data from desired apps, transform data to match the destination’s requirements, and automatically push data into the desired application. What SaaS did for software, the Flexspring iPaaS does for HR integration.

Flexspring creates, hosts, monitors, and maintains each data integration between Visier and your HR apps. You don’t have to do any data prep. You can focus on gaining insights and recommended actions from Visier.

Fast Integration

Every application requires a connector to pull data out of its API. Depending on the complexity of data required, multiple connectors may be required to overcome API limitations.

A custom integration of a Flexspring Connector for Visier can be fully deployed in 6-8 weeks.

We love to talk about data integration

For help with Visier integration, contact:

CEO, Founding Partner
917-618-9536 • sales@flexspring.com

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