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Taleo Integration: Connect Taleo to Your HR Apps to Save Time and Money

Taleo connectors from Flexspring make Taleo integration with any HR app fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Flexspring is one of Oracle’s original integration partners. Our experts have completed over 2,000 Taleo integrations and created Taleo integration tools used in nearly every Taleo integration in the world. No one knows more about how to integrate Taleo with HR applications than Flexspring.

When experts connect data, you have peace of mind.

Gain seamless integration between Taleo and your HR apps. Flexspring can connect any HR app with an API to Taleo Business Edition or Taleo Enterprise Edition.


Improve your HR team’s productivity by avoiding double data entry between Taleo and your HR apps.


No internal IT resources are needed to create a data integration. The experts at Flexspring handle all custom data mapping, or you can use a turnkey connector (if available).


Go beyond scheduled file transfer to gain near real-time data sharing via API to API connection.


Gain fast integration using custom or turnkey connectors.


Flexspring focuses solely on HR data integration. It’s all we do. We’re one of the leading sellers of prebuilt connectors for Taleo.


The 6 Most Popular Use Cases for Taleo Data Integration

Want to see how HR departments are using Taleo prebuilt connectors to streamline HR processes? Flexspring provides Taleo connectors for six popular integration use cases that help HR departments improve productivity.

With data integration from Flexspring, your team can avoid time-wasting, manual double-data entry. You only pay for the use case or use cases that you need.

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Taleo Integration with Payroll Systems

Taleo integration is popular with payroll systems. For example, Taleo integration with ADP or Taleo integration with Paylocity.

New Hires from Taleo to Payroll

As soon as a hiring manager presses the new hire button in Taleo, new hire data automatically syncs in your payroll system or Core HR app in near real-time with the essential information needed to process payroll.

“The Taleo Prebuilt Connector from Flexspring gives us real-time data integration between Taleo and ADP. Before, I had to wait until the top of the hour until Taleo and ADP synched. Now, data is shared instantly, allowing me to do my job without data obstacles. This connector absolutely increases HR productivity.”

Taleo Integration with Candidate Assessment Apps

Taleo integration is popular with candidate assessment apps. For example, Taleo integration with Predictive Index.

Taleo with Candidate Assessment Apps

Rather than experiencing HR bottlenecks that can only be resolved by manual project management and manual data entry, each Taleo integration to a candidate assessment app (like Predictive Index) automates the candidate assessment process.

A) Automatically trigger a Predictive Index assessment for a specific candidate upon reaching a certain step and status in your Taleo application workflow.

B) Automatically extract the recruiter name, candidate name, and email address necessary to begin the cognitive and behavioral assessment from Taleo. And import the recruiter name, candidate name, and email address into Predictive Index in real-time.

C) Upon a candidate’s completion of each of the cognitive and behavioral assessments, the candidate’s test results are securely extracted from Predictive Index and imported back into Taleo and attached to the candidate’s profile.

This integration eliminates an average of 20-minutes of project management and manual data entry per candidate.

Taleo Integration with Background Check Systems

Taleo integration is popular with background check systems. For example, Taleo integration with Tazworks.

Taleo with Background Checks

Once a candidate advances to a certain point in a company’s hiring process, this integration automatically maps candidate data for name, address, social security number, I-9 verification, resume work background, education/certifications, and personal references from Taleo into your background check system. Once the background check is performed, the information automatically returns to the Taleo.

Taleo Integration with Core HR Systems

Taleo integration is popular with Core HR systems. For example, Taleo integration with Oracle HCM, Taleo with Workday, or Taleo Integration with UltiPro.

Update Current Employee Data from Core HR to Taleo

When an employee updates internal profile information in the self-service part of your Core HR system, the updated information is automatically shared with Taleo. Internal employees commonly return to Taleo to look for other job opportunities within the company. Keeping an employee’s internal profile updated in Taleo allows your company to retain quality employees when they seek new opportunities.

Create and Update Users automatically from CoreHR to Taleo

Manually maintaining active users within Taleo is a difficult task, no matter the company size. Depending on the size of your company, you may have up to 100 recruiters and over 1,000 hiring managers. This integration identifies if certain employees have hiring manager or recruiter roles in their employee profile in the Core HR systems. Then, this integration automatically creates user accounts with login and Single-Sign-On credentials in Taleo.

Should an employee be terminated, their access to Taleo automatically ends as well.

Foundational Data from Core HR to Taleo

Among the Accounting Department’s responsibilities is maintaining control of foundational data, so they know how to assign employee costs and other expenses to each business unit. Typically, accountants will manage foundational data in their ERP system, and foundational data will be shared with the Core HR system.

Having the proper foundational data for each business unit or new company location is necessary to create a new job or new hire in Taleo. This integration automatically replicates company locations, departments, legal entities, job codes, and job titles from your Core HR system into Taleo. This way, when recruiters and hiring managers log into Taleo, they see company structures they recognize and can go to work immediately on a specific job in a particular office location.

With this integration, HR professionals can be confident that Accounting properly expenses costs associated with the new job or new hire.

Currently, Flexspring has prebuilt connectors for Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) and Taleo Business Edition (TBE) to:

• Oracle HCM
• DynaFile
• Ascendify
• Workday
• Tazworks
• Yello
• Any API

Flexspring can build any integration with Taleo that you require.

Choose Custom or Turnkey Integration with Taleo

About Custom Integration

Features custom data mapping by Flexspring integration experts

Custom integration using Flexspring’s Taleo custom connectors is fast and relatively easy. The experts at Flexspring handle the data-mapping to create a tailor-made connector for your business. No internal IT resources are needed to create or maintain your integration.

Most businesses require a custom connector to match the unique data field names and data syntax requirements of their business. If your business has created custom fields or changed data field names in either Taleo or the HR apps you wish to connect, you will require a custom data connector to match your unique business needs.

With custom connectors, Flexspring consultants gather the business requirements for the end result you want and do the data mapping to make that result happen. We’ll offer leading practices along the way.

With custom connectors, the client is responsible for making final configuration changes to their application databases. For example, adding custom fields where necessary, making changes to database picklists where necessary, and inserting API codes to allow the integration to work.

Fast integration

A custom integration of the Flexspring Connector for Taleo with an HR system can be fully deployed in 6-8 weeks.

Add Full-Service Integration

With full-service integration, Flexspring provides a functional consultant to handle all technical aspects of your integration. You won’t have to look under the hood to identify the fields or technical inputs that are needed to custom tailor your integration.

A functional consultant from Flexspring also will handle all back-end configuration changes to your application databases. With full-service integration our functional consultant will add custom fields where necessary, make changes to database picklists where necessary, and insert API codes to allow the integration to work.

When you add full-service integration to your custom connector, no time is needed on your company’s side to complete your integration. We take care of everything.

About Turnkey Integration

Lower-priced option using standard fields and standard data syntax

For the new hire use case for Taleo with ADP, some businesses can use the turnkey version. This lower-priced, prebuilt connector works with standard field names and standard data syntax. The turnkey option is a complete integration that involves no custom mapping from Flexspring experts.

As long as your business matches the standard data field names and syntax in both Taleo and ADP, you can use the turnkey option to complete your integration.

Additionally, if your internal team would like to change the data field names in Taleo and ADP to match a turnkey connector’s data field requirements, you can also use a turnkey version.

Request a Flexspring Integration Guide for Taleo with ADP to review the Turnkey Integration Maps before choosing the version (custom or turnkey) that you require. To see the turnkey data fields and pricing, fill out the Taleo Integration Guide request form on this page or email sales@modulusdata.com for assistance.

Fast integration

A turnkey integration of Flexspring’s Taleo with ADP new hire connector can be fully deployed in 4 weeks.

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