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HR software companies choose Flexspring for faster, more cost-effective data integration.

Welcome to Flexspring, the Best HR iPaaS for HR Software

Boost HR software sales by easily integrating your application within any customer's workflow.

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Gain a faster, more cost-effective way to provide turnkey and custom data integrations to your customers.

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No internal IT resources are needed to create a data integration. The experts at Flexspring create turnkey connectors for you and handle all custom integrations.


Enjoy an iPaaS with unlimited flexibility that easily handles the complex requirements of HR data integration.


Take advantage of our flexible pricing model. Pay only for the integration use cases you need or pay for the entire platform.


Choose the customer experience that's best for your customers.


Provide your customers with hands-free, point-to-point integrations that do not require manual interventions, do not store data, and meet enterprise-level security standards.


Experience instant monitoring so you know that your customers' integrations are working and intelligent alerts should data be incomplete.

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Why HR Software Companies Need Flexspring

Some simple truths:

Customers prefer HR software that easily integrates into their workflow.


Your software sales team needs a weapon to boost sales: easy data integration within each customer’s workflow.


With Flexspring, new turnkey connectors roll out in 2-3 months.


What's an iPaaS?

Flexspring makes HR data integration easy. Flexspring is an iPaaS, an integration platform as a service. An iPaaS builds and deploys data integrations in the cloud between software apps.

Think of an iPaaS as a virtual bridge that allows data to be shared back and forth between software apps. Better still, when using Flexspring with an API-to-API connection, data sharing happens in near real-time. As soon as an HR professional enters data in one program, Flexspring shares the data with other apps.

With Flexspring, your software application can connect without a company having to install or manage any hardware, integration software, or middleware. Further, prebuilt turnkey connectors allow integrations to be created without requiring internal IT resources.

Nearly every company has embraced the time, money, and resource-saving benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service). What SaaS did to streamline software installation, Flexspring iPaaS does to simplify data integration.

Flexspring iPaaS solves the big problem in HR

Flexspring iPaaS Solves the Big Problem in HR

At the most basic level, companies have HR software for sourcing, recruiting, core HR, and payroll. The number of apps magnifies each year as companies replace legacy systems, merge with different entities, and operate in different countries. “On average, large HR departments now have 11 systems of record…” writes Josh Bersin for Human Resource Executive.

While HR software improves productivity, the main problem with the SaaS model is data now resides in disconnected silos in the cloud. This means that HR professionals must manually re-enter data from program to program every time a new hire is added. That’s a serious drag and an obstacle to software sales. Without data integration, someone must update employee data in multiple programs even when something as simple as a change in home address occurs. HR professionals need data integration to avoid manual data entry. Comprehensive reports are also impossible unless shared data allows an organization to see the entire picture.

Flexspring allows HR professionals to avoid the soul-crushing drudgery of manual double-data entry and choose the best of breed app that they prefer. Rather than chiseling out records again and again, data integration allows HR professionals to focus on more strategic things that grow their company.

"At ClearCompany, we understand how hard it is to create a turnkey connector. Most software companies take 2-3 years to reach mastery on a turnkey connector. Flexspring experts—leveraging years of data integration experience and the Flexspring platform—shortened the time to 2-3 months. ClearCompany can stay agnostic in terms of what payroll or Core HR solution a customer wants. Now, we can provide a best-in-breed ATS experience and amazing workflow. By leveraging Flexspring, ClearCompany can easily integrate into a customer's ecosystem."

The Truth About Turnkey Integration

Because integration use cases vary and nearly every HR application includes custom fields as a feature, most software companies take 2-3 years to reach mastery on a turnkey connector that’s suitable for most customers. The experts at Flexspring have reduced the process of creating a turnkey connector to 2-3 months.

Flexspring focuses exclusively on HR data integration and has developed over 1,000 custom and turnkey integrations. Flexspring can provide HR software companies with the turnkey templates they need quickly.

Flexspring makes both turnkey and custom integration faster and easier. The time-savings from choosing Flexspring are significant.

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The Flexspring Experience

Flexspring iPaaS key features

From an HR Software Company's Perspective

Flexspring is an iPaaS that allows companies to build integrations, quickly onboard customers, and monitor customer integrations. Most HR software companies choose to have the experts at Flexspring build turnkey templates and custom integrations from scratch using Flexspring Build on their behalf. This whitepaper focuses on the Flexspring experience involving Flexspring Onboard and Flexspring Monitor.

STEP 1: Choose your Flexspring onboard customer experience

Number graphic

The experts at Flexspring have created a flexible model that allows software companies to choose how data integrations are completed for their customers. With Flexspring Onboard, customer experiences are delivered in three different ways.

Flexspring iPaaS customer experience

1. Flexspring Onboard Via Your Software Company. Your software company leads integration onboarding of your customers using Flexspring Onboard. Using prebuilt turnkey templates (created by the experts at Flexspring), your trained support team walks your customers through the rapid integration process.

2. Flexspring Onboard Via Flexspring. Flexspring’s support team leads integration onboarding of your customers using Flexspring Onboard. Using prebuilt turnkey templates (created by the experts at Flexspring), the Flexspring support team walks your customers through the rapid integration process.

3. Flexspring Onboard Via Automation. With a click of a button within your software, a customer triggers the API layer to start the integration. In the background, your software connects via API to Flexspring, which the customer never sees.

STEP 2: Identify the most popular integration use cases for your software

The experts at Flexspring work with you to define the most popular integration use cases that you need for your software.

ATS Integration Most Popular Use Cases
STEP 3: Create the data maps and business logic that would work for most customers

Leveraging years of integration experience, the experts at Flexspring create turnkey data maps for a standard integration that works in the greatest amount of cases. This involves choosing the right fields to include in each data integration and correctly mapping the fields to the precise syntax accepted by your target app.

Turnkey fields example in a Flexspring connector
STEP 4: Flexspring creates a turnkey connector for specific software and use cases

Software companies have reported that it takes 2-3 years to reach mastery with a turnkey connector to a new, unfamiliar software application. Flexspring shortens the time to 2-3 months.

Flexspring connector screen
STEP 5: You test your integrations and approve deployments

Before deploying, batches of test records run to make sure the integration is working flawlessly.

Flexspring monitor screen
STEP 6: Training

Flexspring trains your select support team to use Flexspring Onboard, wield the turnkey templates, and even change standard fields should specific customers require light customization. Training occurs if you choose Flexspring Onboard via your software company as your customer experience.

STEP 7: Marketing

Flexspring has years of experience selling turnkey and custom integrations. Your salespeople frequently will be asked about how your product integrates into the HR ecosystem. We want your salespeople to be ready.

We create custom-tailored integration guides for your marketing team to share with customers to support your sales.

We also provide training and PowerPoint presentations for how your salespeople should sell integrations. And, we share our playbook and marketing responsibility matrix for launching new integrations to your customers.

Should you want to brand the integrations under your banner and tailor the marketing pieces to your brand look and feel, we’ll even supply our design files.

STEP 8: Start to onboard clients

You're all set! You're ready to onboard clients.

Flexspring iPaaS customer photo

The Flexspring Experience from a Customer's Perspective

Flexspring Onboard makes data integration easy for customers. Whether they are working with you to set up and launch the integration or working with Flexspring’s support team, here are the steps to get an integration live.

These six steps take under 15 minutes to deploy an integration.

STEP 1: Receive an invitation to Login to Flexspring Onboard to start the subscription configuration

Flexspring Onboard login screen
STEP 2: Enter API Key
Flexspring API key screen
STEP 3: Verify the data maps
Flexspring data map screen
STEP 4: Customize the lookup tables
Flexspring lookup table screen
STEP 5: Enter email contact for error notifications
Flexspring contact for error notifications screen
STEP 6: Deploy the integration
Flexspring deploy integration screen

Deploying an integration with Flexspring Onboard is fast and easy. The above steps can be done in under 15 minutes.

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