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ADP Payroll to NetSuite Journal Entries by Flexspring for a Fast-growing, Mid-sized Company

“The ADP payroll to NetSuite journal entry integration by Flexspring delivered exactly what I wanted to do. I looked at more expensive solutions from other companies, but none provided what Flexspring does: a true point-to-point, hands-free solution. We’re no longer in the manual payroll journal entry business. With automation, we’re positioned for substantial, profitable growth without adding any strain or headcount to our back office.”  — Jeffrey Laymon, Executive Consultant, Integrated Dermatology

Integration Challenge  

To streamline their back office, Integrated Dermatology wanted to automate data coming into NetSuite® from ADP Workforce Now® with a hands-free, point-to-point solution. Integrated Dermatology processes 250 payrolls a month from dozens of legal entities. Without automation from Flexspring, manually entering 250 payroll files each month occupied half of a full-time employee’s schedule and reduced productivity for this fast-growing medical company.

Integration Solution

ADP Payroll to NetSuite Journal Entries

After processing payroll, a payroll team member at Integrated Dermatology pushes the create general ledger button in ADP Workforce Now, triggering the automation. Then, ADP automatically places a payroll file on a secure server. Automation sweeps up this file, and within minutes, payroll data—without any risk of error from manual data entry—successfully imports payroll journal entries as NetSuite general ledger entries. The automation is entirely hands-free.

Specifically, this integration takes the summary of up to 30 lines of ADP payroll data—for total earnings, deductions, and taxes, etc.—and creates one summary journal entry per payroll run per company code. Each company code maps to a single legal entity/subsidiary within NetSuite. This integration also balances debits and credits to prevent errors.

Coolest Features of This Integration

Integrated Dermatology’s solution imports 250+ payrolls from dozens of legal entities with different company codes into one NetSuite general ledger for the overall company—all using one integration from Flexspring.

Daily email notifications from Flexspring show what files were successfully imported and show that everything worked. In the past year, Integrated Dermatology has moved over 3,000 payroll files with zero errors between ADP Workforce Now and NetSuite.

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