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ATS Integration Explained

What is an ATS?

An applicant tracking system, commonly known as an ATS, is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. HR departments use an ATS throughout the recruiting process to manage incoming candidate applications, to store applicant information such as resumes and cover letters, and to track each candidate’s status throughout the hiring process. Applicant tracking systems can also automate tasks such as screening resumes and scheduling interviews. HR departments and hiring managers use applicant tracking systems to assist in the recruitment process and find the most suitable candidates for open positions.

What is ATS Integration?

Applicant tracking system integration (ATS integration) is the automated sharing of data between an ATS and another app. In an age characterized by the dynamic growth of companies and a workforce marked by frequent transitions between jobs, successful businesses expedite and automate the hiring process and ensure the seamless integration of new team members. HR departments that thrive recognize the importance of avoiding tedious, manual double-data entry between apps and turn to ATS integration for a time-saving solution. When an ATS system integrates with another application, data seamlessly transfers between applications. ATS integration creates a connected system between apps where accurate candidate and hiring data automatically shares with multiple applications to streamline employee onboarding processes.

The Benefits of ATS Integration

  1. Time Savings

    Reentering data across multiple HR applications requires more time spent than entering a set of data once. This fact is undeniable. Integrating an ATS with other applications, frees HR professionals from the burden of manual double-data entry. Data integration also saves time for HR professionals as they no longer have to switch back and forth between apps to fetch data. Automation properly aligns data between systems the first time it is entered, storing information securely where needed.

    “I can’t imagine the effort that it would take us now to manually update new hires, transfers, and promotions alone. Data integration saves us a huge amount of time and effort, and it all happens so quickly!” — Laura Ferem, IT Business Systems Analyst, Satellite Healthcare
  2. Improved Candidate Experience

    An ATS integrated with other applications provides an improved experience for both HR professionals and the candidate. Without having to jump back and forth between multiple applications, such as candidate assessments, background checks, or manually scheduling interviews to proceed to the next step in a candidate’s application, the hiring manager can expedite the process. Automation provides a more enjoyable and timely experience for the candidate, as they are now able to more promptly move through the application process.

    “One turnkey connector liberated our HR team from over 20 hours of laborious manual data entry each month, boosting overall team satisfaction and contributing to a remarkable 100% increase in morale. Easiest integration solution I’ve ever experienced.” — Theresa Mastellon, Director, People Operations, Hopscotch Primary Care
  3. Fast Onboarding

    When a hiring manager presses the hired button in an ATS, ATS integration speeds the entire onboarding process. With ATS integration, automation shares new hire information with HR apps like your core HR system for managing the employee or payroll system to process payroll. Software access to various tools in your organization also can be automated. With ATS integration, HR professionals aren’t bogged down with manual tasks that slow down the onboarding process. Instead, integration enables HR professionals to swiftly move through the process, and the entire organization benefits from the skills the newly hired employee provides sooner rather than later.

    “With Flexspring’s integration, we’ve saved countless hours by avoiding manual administrative tasks, allowing us to focus on recruiting. We don’t have to think about the integration—it just happens!” — Jeremy Schwartz, Corporate Recruiter, M3
  4. Increased Data Accuracy and Security

    Human error becomes an issue when a person enters a set of data more than once. If a set of data contains a small error when manually reentered in another system, the error has the potential to wreak havoc. Data integration removes human error. Fewer people touching data records also dramatically improves security. When data is entered correctly the first time, automation ensures that data will be consistently accurate across all integrated applications. And if a small error initially occurs, data synchronization allows any errors to be easily corrected.

Common ATS integration Examples

ATS integration streamlines HR workflows. Most HR departments start with automating new hires to speed the hiring and onboarding process. While there are countless integration options, most people begin by integrating their ATS with these common HR systems.

Payroll Systems

Integrating an applicant tracking system with a payroll system links the necessary data for a new hire’s payroll data to be processed. This saves time for a company to onboard the new hire, and the integration secures sensitive data. ATS to payroll integration is especially popular with companies that hire 8 or more employees a month, a huge time saver.

Candidate Assessment Apps

A candidate assessment app allows an employer to evaluate the skills, experience, and qualifications of a job candidate, which in turn allows an employer to evaluate whether a person fits a job. When a candidate assessment app integrates with the ATS, the information stored in the candidate assessment app links with the ATS, so the employer can access everything they need for the person’s profile. The integration also allows for a smoother flow of the application process, meaning that the next step can take place if the applicant has met the requirements (without the employer having to manually start the next step). Automating your entire candidate assessment process with this integration eliminates an average of 20 minutes of project management and manual data entry per candidate.

“We have about 3,000 employees now and we’re onboarding nearly 200 new hires each month, especially for our warehouse positions. We needed better use of our candidate assessments to understand who we’re hiring. We were using it in-house, but we wanted to expand it to recruiting, and Flexspring was able to integrate Predictive Index within UKG’s recruiting module. It’s been a smooth process right from the start. When organizations don’t have time for manual tasks, they need data integration.” — HRIS Administrator, Automotive Parts Distributor

Background Checks

Hiring processes commonly require background checks. Automating background checks saves hiring managers significant time. However, this information may be sensitive and should be treated securely. Integrating an ATS with background checks provides a solution. Once a candidate advances to a certain point in a company’s hiring process, this integration automatically sends candidate data into the background check system. Once the background check finishes, the information automatically returns to the ATS. This background check with ATS integration secures data and saves time.


In conclusion, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration with other HR apps streamlines modern HR departments. Businesses leverage the benefits of integration to enhance their recruitment and onboarding processes. By seamlessly transferring data between applications, ATS integration saves time, improves user experience, expedites onboarding, and enhances data security. Common integrations with payroll systems, candidate assessment apps, and background checks exemplify how this synergy optimizes HR operations. Ultimately, ATS integration streamlines workflows and contributes to a more efficient and effective hiring process, benefiting both organizations and candidates alike in today's dynamic job market.

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