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B-Stock Solutions Saves Time and Money with Greenhouse to ADP Integration

“Before this Greenhouse to ADP integration, we had data-entry user errors, so we needed automation to eliminate these manual tasks. Now, when we hit that hire button in Greenhouse, a record is created in ADP, kickstarting our onboarding process. Also, when we update employee information, that automatically syncs as well. Integration allows us to focus on recruiting because every minute we spent doing manual tasks took time away from finding the best new employees.”  — Brandon Jackson, Technical Recruiting Manager, B-Stock Solutions

Integration Challenge  

B-Stock Solutions is a B2B marketplace partnering with some of the world’s leading retailers for returned, excess, and other liquidation inventory. The growing company needed to eliminate user errors generated by manual data entry tasks, and they knew data integration would help. B-Stock also wanted to free up its HR team to focus on recruiting instead of remedial double-data entry.

Integration Solution

To improve efficiency and increase its competitive advantage, B-Stock sought a solution that would save time and eliminate human errors. This integration automates employee data coming into ADP from Greenhouse with a hands-free, point-to-point solution. New hire data and employee updates are automatically shared with ADP Workforce Now.

Integration Use Cases

1. New Hires from Greenhouse to ADP

As soon as a hiring manager presses the new hire button in Greenhouse, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP in near real-time with the essential information needed to process payroll.

2. Employee Updates from ADP to Greenhouse

When current employee data changes in ADP, the data automatically updates in Greenhouse in near real-time. This way terminations, hires, and re-hires happening in ADP are synced in Greenhouse to avoid duplicate user profiles.

Coolest Features of This Integration

“The integration is 100% automated and runs every day at 5:00 PM, so I don’t have to go in and trigger anything,” said Jackson. “That means no manual tasks! Additionally, one of the main reasons we chose Flexspring for this integration is because of their Flexspring dashboard which gives us control of the platform. It’s easy to use and we can see what’s going on whenever we need to. That’s pretty cool. Our business is good, and it’s nice to be rid of remedial manual data entry tasks. I highly recommend Flexspring.” 

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The Greenhouse to ADP connector by Modulus Data is available on the ADP Marketplace.

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