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CIO Review’s Top NetSuite Solution Providers for 2021: Flexspring is the Cover Story

NOTE: Modulus Data changed its name to Flexspring in honor of its integration platform, Flexspring.

CIO Review compiles an annual list of the Top 10 NetSuite Solution Providers for 2021. This year, they featured Flexspring’s seamless, hands-free integrations for NetSuite as the cover story.

The CIO Review article:

  • Explains why hands-free, point-to-point integrations are a breakthrough for NetSuite users.  
  • Interviews a fast-growing business that saves half a full-time employee by using Flexspring’s Payroll Data to NetSuite Journal Entry integration.
  • Covers the five most popular NetSuite integrations that NetSuite customers use to streamline back-office operations.

Flexspring Delivers True Point-to-Point NetSuite Integration

“Flexspring is the company you turn to if you want hands-free, point-to-point integration between NetSuite and your payroll system,” says Yan Courtois, CEO of Flexspring. “We’ve listened to our clients. They wanted a suite of breakthrough integrations for NetSuite to help them streamline their back offices around the globe. We delivered.”

Demand for data integration between HR apps and Oracle NetSuite® is accelerating. Today, more companies than ever want to streamline their back office accounting and enterprise resource planning processes to avoid time-wasting manual, double-data entry. SaaS apps like NetSuite for accounting or ADP Workforce Now® for payroll work great for their designated tasks, but the challenge with every SaaS app is that the data resides in a disconnected silo in the cloud. This means data has to be manually re-entered between apps to generate reports and make strategic decisions. 

Going hands-free is the trend. With the rise of so many SaaS apps, more and more companies ask themselves, how can we share data automatically between apps, without manual involvement, so we can focus on making strategic decisions about our business? That’s where Flexspring comes in. Flexspring eliminates common manual work processes with data integrations tailored to meet each business’ unique needs. Flexspring has rapidly emerged as the leader in HR data integration. “HR data integration is all that we do,” says Courtois. “Our focus has helped us find the sharpest solutions.”

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While consulting companies have been helping HR departments streamline and automate HR processes for years, automation, a natural process, has been sped up by the global pandemic. HR professionals no longer have the interest or time to do manual processes. With so many people working from home and with significant concerns about maximizing workforce productivity, companies want hand-free integrations, and they want them now.

Integrated Dermatology, a Flexspring client, processes 250 payrolls a month from dozens of legal entities. Without automation from Flexspring, manually entering 250 payroll files each month occupied half of a full-time employee’s schedule and reduced productivity for this fast-growing medical company. 

“The ADP payroll to NetSuite journal entry integration by Flexspring delivered exactly what I wanted to do,” said Jeffrey Laymon, Executive Consultant for Integrated Dermatology. “I looked at more expensive solutions from other companies, but none provided what Flexspring does: a true point-to-point, hands-free solution. We’re no longer in the manual payroll journal entry business. We’re no longer in the file upload business. With automation, we’re positioned for substantial, profitable growth without adding any strain or headcount to our back office.” 

Specifically, Flexspring’s ADP payroll journal entries to NetSuite general ledger integration summarizes up to 30 lines of ADP payroll data—for total earnings, deductions, taxes, etc.—and creates one summary journal entry per payroll run per company code. Each company code maps to a single legal entity/subsidiary within NetSuite.  This integration also balances debits and credits to prevent errors.

By creating a connector that is precisely what clients want, Flexspring, an ADP Platinum Marketplace Partner, has become the only connector on the ADP Marketplace for connecting ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Vantage® to Oracle NetSuite. When clients choose Flexspring’s NetSuite connector through the ADP Marketplace, clients automatically get access to ADP’s API keys and don’t have to pay a separate charge to ADP. Gaining API keys automatically also rapidly accelerates integration. “Clients don’t have to spend weeks going through the process with an ADP technical consultant to gain API access. When they purchase the Flexspring NetSuite connector directly on the ADP Marketplace, we have API access within 24 hours and can start on their integration without delay,” says Sara Bragg, VP of Customer Success for Flexspring. Flexspring was recently named one of the top four best sellers on the ADP Marketplace in the 4th quarter of 2020. Flexspring’s connectors also have been awarded “Built for NetSuite” status by Oracle NetSuite.

The secret weapon behind Flexspring’s success is its Flexspring iPaaS platform. Simply, what SaaS did for software, Flexspring does for integration. Combined with prebuilt connectors, Flexspring, an integration platform as a service, rapidly speeds integration. Flexspring is the best iPaaS for HR integration because it was developed from the ground up to meet the complex needs of HR data integration. HR apps have endless custom fields. Flexspring helps the experts at Flexspring quickly map and transform data in custom fields to create custom-tailored integrations. Flexspring has used Flexspring and its suite of prebuilt connectors to create over 900 integrations. In 2021, for the first time, Flexspring is licensing the Flexspring platform so that other software companies and HR consulting companies can leverage proven integration templates and easily onboard clients with no code.

In the past, Flexspring only provided integration as a service, where a client chooses the integration use case that they need and the experts at Flexspring handle everything. Licensing Flexspring, selling an integration software platform, marks a new chapter for the company.

“As the need for integration keeps accelerating, we’re constantly looking for ways to make data integration easier,” says Courtois. “There’s a gravitational need to be able to easily integrate all these SaaS apps. By onboarding 900+ clients, we’ve learned how to get integrations live quickly and completely. Flexspring is the solution. We’ve gotten so good at data integration that we’re ready to turn over the keys to our factory to other HR software companies and HR consulting companies. They can leverage our proven integration templates and evangelize our time-saving connectors throughout the HR and accounting communities while we continue to build new connectors and provide integration services to those clients who want custom work.”

For NetSuite integration, Flexspring focuses on 6 popular use cases that HR departments in enterprise and mid-sized companies need to streamline back office processes. Payroll journal entries to NetSuite general ledger is the integration use case that companies most want. This Payroll to NetSuite integration extracts weekly or bi-weekly pay data out of payroll solutions like ADP Workforce Now or Paylocity and imports it into NetSuite. With Flexspring’s integration, companies can share single payrolls or multiple payrolls from multiple legal entities into NetSuite.

Other common use cases include bringing over new hires from NetSuite to your payroll app or employee updates between NetSuite and your payroll app so that the employee data needed to process payroll is always up to date.

Two of the more interesting integration use cases that Flexspring developed for 2021 in response to client requests are labor codes from NetSuite to your payroll app and time card data to NetSuite.

Business is booming at Flexspring as the demand for hands-free data integrations increases. Flexspring powered by its Flexspring platform, “Built for NetSuite” status, and position as the sole provider of NetSuite connectors on the ADP Marketplace is truly one of the top 10 most promising NetSuite Solution providers for 2021.

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