Flexspring Wins Top International Partner Award at the 2024 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit

Computacenter HR Team Streamlines Processes with SAP® to ADP Workforce Now® Integration

Integration Challenge 

A global tech management company’s operations team needed to seamlessly sync data from SAP® to ADP®. Previously, to move data, Computacenter’s U.S. payroll team had to manually export employee data out of ADP and into Excel spreadsheets to manipulate the data into a format other systems could read.

Integration Solution 

Custom, real-time data integration by Flexspring between SAP and ADP eliminated manual steps across systems for payroll, new hires, and employee updates.

“A great feature is the amount of time we’ve saved from the manual processing we used to do. That’s allowed us to focus on other important tasks. If I had to pick one best feature, it’s that all our data is in one spot for us to review. We can easily find information now instead of getting one piece from this system and another piece from that system. Thanks to Flexspring, everything is in one place and HR can view data for our employees all over the world.” — Joshua Bachand, Payroll Specialist, Computacenter US

Integration Use Cases

1. New Hires from from SAP to ADP 

As soon as a hiring manager presses the hired button in SAP, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP with essential information needed to process payroll in real time.

2. Employee Updates from SAP to ADP 

As soon as current employee data changes in SAP, the data automatically updates in ADP. Data integration ensures that all employee data needed to process payroll is up-to-date for current employees.

3. Payroll Data from ADP to SAP General Ledger 

This integration extracts weekly or bi-weekly pay data out of ADP and imports it into SAP’s general ledger. The integration takes the summary of total earnings, deductions, and taxes, and enters each of them into a general ledger entry per account, location, subsidiary, and amount.

4. Time & Attendance data from ADP to SAP 

This integration eliminates the risk of manual data errors by automatically bringing over Time & Attendance Summaries from ADP to SAP for employees (including work hours, paid time off, vacation, and sick days) so that payroll calculates accurately.

Coolest Features of This Integration

“Before this integration,” said Bachand, “we would enter prospective employees into two systems where they would sit idle in prospect status. Now, once we enter a candidate in SAP, that data flows into ADP automatically. All another team member has to do is push a button to complete the hiring process. Employee data goes from one spot to everywhere we need them to exist. Integration eliminated the duplicate entry tasks we did before, saving us valuable time.”

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