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Fedcap Group HR Team Saves 30 Minutes Per Each New Hire with Oracle HCM to ADP Workforce Now Integration

“Flexspring has a logical and organized process to collect the data they need and the answers they require from us. The integration project was extremely well orchestrated. The consultants understand this integration product and exactly how to make it successful with ADP Workforce Now and Oracle HCM. The Flexspring team is fantastic.”  — Paul Courville, Director of Cloud Technologies, the Fedcap Group

Integration Challenge  

Founded in 1935, the Fedcap Group is a global pioneer in social enterprise, working to design interventions that improve social systems in the continental U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Anticipating extensive growth for its Canadian operations and the extra staff needed to handle the workload, the company knew it had to streamline HR workflows by eliminating manual data-entry tasks. Automation with data integration was the solution, and Fedcap Group’s busy IT team knew they required specialized knowledge to implement these integrations quickly and efficiently.

Integration Solution

For this project, the company reached out to Flexspring to automate employee data coming into ADP from Oracle HCM with a hands-free, point-to-point solution. The integration automatically shares new hires and employee updates with ADP, eliminating manual double-data entry. 

Integration Use Cases

1. New Hires from Oracle HCM to ADP 

As soon as the Fedcap Group hiring manager presses the hired button in Oracle HCM, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP with essential information needed to process payroll in real-time, eliminating manual double-data entry.

2. Employee Updates from Oracle HCM to ADP 

As soon as current employee data changes in Oracle HCM, the data automatically updates in ADP. Data integration ensures that all employee data needed to process payroll is up-to-date for current employees.

Coolest Features of This Integration

“With new hires,” said Tammy Mickelson, Fedcap Group’s Chief Information Officer, “integration saves us at least 30 minutes for each new employee we bring on board by automating the data from Oracle to ADP. No more double-data entry! We also converted third-party contractors to bring them on as full-time employees, and data integration made the process easy. Also, the Flexspring monitoring tool is great. I know exactly what’s going on every day. The integration is perfect, and we couldn’t ask for anything more!”

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