Flexspring Wins Top International Partner Award at the 2024 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit

Flexspring Automates ADP® to NCR Aloha® POS Integration with Unique Custom Features for First Watch Restaurants

“Unique to First Watch is our borrowing process. If one location is short-staffed, we can borrow employees from nearby locations. We needed to handle this custom temporary punch-in/punch-out transfer for proper cost allocation in ADP. The Flexspring team built a custom integration into our time and attendance use case that solved our problem. Data integration works seamlessly!”  — Chris Mangino, Sr. Director of IT, First Watch Restaurants

Integration Challenge  

In addition to syncing new hires and employee updates from ADP to NCR Aloha POS, this popular restaurant chain had very unique requirements. First Watch needed to efficiently track time and attendance data for employees working outside their normal locations to fill in at short-staffed restaurants—the company’s so-called “borrowing process.”

Since tips are integral to the restaurant and food-service industry, First Watch needed tip allocation data from Aloha POS to flow seamlessly and accurately into ADP payroll.

Integration Solution

First Watch creates massive daily punch files containing thousands of employee clock-in-and-out data, as well as employee tip totals, and sends that to a data warehouse. Flexspring’s integration then formats and transfers those data files to ADP for error-free payroll processing.

Integration Use Cases

1. New Hires and Employee Updates from ADP to Aloha POS 

When a First Watch hiring manager presses the new hire button in ADP, new hire data automatically syncs in Aloha POS in near real-time. Also, as soon as current employee data changes in ADP, the data automatically updates in Aloha in near real-time. 

2. Time and Attendance Punch Time Calculation from Aloha POS to ADP 

This integration provides hands-free, automated import of employee clock-in and clock-out data from the Aloha report to ADP. Employee daily timesheet data is sent from Aloha POS to a data warehouse, picked up and sent to ADP payroll— no manual data entry is required.

3. Tips and Commissions File Import 

This integration imports workers’ tips summaries extracted from Aloha POS and automatically transfers the data into ADP for payroll.

Coolest Features of This Integration

“I love the user interface,” Mangino said, “and self-service functionality.The Flexspring dashboard is amazing. If I need to re-run a punch file I can click on it, drop it in, execute it, let it run, and it’ll go to ADP. I don’t need to call anybody to have it done. I can look at all the data. I would definitely say Flexspring has best-in-class data integration.”

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