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Flexspring iPaaS Case Study: Fast-growing Software Company Handles Data Integration Internally by Leveraging Flexspring

“At ClearCompany, we understand how hard it is to create a turnkey connector. Most software companies take 2-3 years to reach mastery on a turnkey connector. Flexspring—leveraging years of data integration experience and the Flexspring platform—shortened the time to 2-3 months. ClearCompany can stay agnostic in terms of what payroll or Core HR solution a customer wants. Now, we can provide a best-in-breed ATS experience and amazing workflow. By leveraging Flexspring, ClearCompany can easily integrate into a customer’s ecosystem.” — Tonya Truelove, Manager of Partner Programs, ClearCompany

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Integration Challenge  

ClearCompany wanted a weapon to boost sales and delight clients: providing a higher number of easy data integrations within a customer’s ecosystem. ClearCompany understands that HR professionals prefer solutions that seamlessly integrate within a company’s workflow and even had success in creating turnkey integrations internally. However, ClearCompany has a robust roadmap for their product and needed a faster way to develop a suite of additional turnkey connectors without putting a strain on their engineering team.

Integration Solution

ClearCompany turned to HR data integration experts, Flexspring, to develop more turnkey integration templates for popular core HR and payroll systems. This allowed ClearCompany engineers to remain focused on their product. Additionally, by leveraging Flexspring, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), the experts at Flexspring cut turnkey connector development from an industry average of 2-3 years to 2-3 months.

Customer Experience Chosen

ClearCompany handles integration onboarding on behalf of the customers using Flexspring. Flexspring supplies the turnkey connector templates and easy-to-use Flexspring onboarding interface. ClearCompany maintains a technical support team who are well-trained on Flexspring and ClearCompany. This internal team handles turnkey data integrations within 2-3 business days. Should exceptions arise, and a customer wants something beyond the 45-field standard integration (custom fields or unique business logic), a customer is never stuck. The flexibility of Flexspring allows the experts at Flexspring to custom-tailor the integration to meet each business’s unique needs.

Integration Use Case

New Hires from from ClearCompany to Core HR/Payroll

ClearCompany is a best-of-breed applicant tracking system. As soon as the recruiter moves a candidate to hired status in ClearCompany, new hire data automatically syncs in a Core HR app with the essential information required for managing and paying the employee.

The turnkey version of this new hire integration brings over 45 standard fields and typically saves an HR team at least 20 minutes per newly hired employee. Data integration allows HR professionals to focus on more strategic things that grow their company. This integration also avoids data errors that commonly occur during manual double-data entry. ClearCompany to BambooHR and ClearCompany to UKG Pro were among the first turnkey connectors developed. “Our customers are ecstatic about the data accuracy and time savings with this new integration,” says Tonya Truelove.

Coolest Features of This Integration

Ease of Use. “Flexspring was a lot more user-friendly than other middleware platforms,” says Truelove. “Support saw that Flexspring was something they could easily learn and wield. And that has proven to be the case.”

Download this client case study.

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