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Global Book Publisher’s HR & IT Teams Save Time and Money with Oracle Taleo Enterprise Migration to Data Warehouse

“We quickly saw just how much time and attention this project needed. Because of the complexity of converting and storing data extracted from Oracle Taleo, we reached out to the experts at Flexspring for help.” – Sr. HRIS Director, Global Publisher

Integration Challenge

The company is a large, globally-reaching publisher with thousands of employees. When they transitioned to Workday for their recruiting system, they needed to migrate 10 years of recruiting data from Taleo to a data warehouse for access, compliance, and reporting. The company reached out to Flexspring to sift through all the complex tables in Taleo to extract the data before their Taleo subscription expired. Migration had to happen quickly and efficiently.

Integration Solution

Flexspring has created specialized tools to handle the migration of Taleo’s complex data fields—including the ability to sift through extra tables and data points that weren’t needed and to compress and organize everything into a smaller and more easily accessible format.

Integration Use Cases

1. Taleo Enterprise data extraction to a user-friendly data warehouse

This extraction pulls all recruiting and onboarding data from Taleo Enterprise Edition and inserts the data into a user-friendly data warehouse. Data extraction includes all the closed and active job openings, candidates and mapping candidates to job openings, and internal employee information. Extraction also includes recruiting and onboarding attachments (for example, resumes, certifications, offer letters, signatures, tax and policy PDF onboarding forms).

Coolest Feature of This Integration

“With the huge amount of data that Oracle provides, we didn't want to own the development of the database internally. Flexspring’s technical consultant knew immediately how to organize the data, eliminating a time-consuming task for us every time we needed to pull data to figure out what is and is not important. Everything is working great now. Flexspring was a perfect fit because they gave us exactly what we needed to make sure we migrated off the Taleo system efficiently.” – Sr. HRIS Director, Global Publisher

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