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Greenhouse to UKG Integration by Flexspring for an Enterprise-sized Cloud Communication Company

“The Greenhouse to UKG new hire integration by Flexspring has taken what was a 10-15 minute process and turned it into two minutes (for our SOX-compliant approval process). We’ve eliminated manual double data-entry, which our HRIS team was thrilled to give up. This integration freed us to focus on redesigning HR processes and finding efficiencies in other areas of work, rather than spending our time on manual tasks.” - Senior Director HR Systems Operations, Cloud Communications Company

Integration Challenge  

This cloud communications company needed a Greenhouse to UKG integration that would work with custom fields and international hires as well as meet the unique requirements of their SOX-compliant approval process for new hires.

Integration Solution

1. Foundational Data from UKG to Greenhouse

This custom integration brought over foundational data sets from UKG to Greenhouse. Specifically, projects from UKG to departments in Greenhouse, structures in UKG to offices in Greenhouse, custom fields, and users.  

As a large, publicly-traded company with many departments and many users, having foundational data flow automatically from UKG to Greenhouse is a great time saver. For example, in 2020, this cloud communications company processed over 1600 user updates automatically (giving access, updating information, or removing access). Whenever anyone in their company makes a change in UKG, the new data automatically flows over to Greenhouse.

2. New Hires from Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding to UKG

As soon as a recruiter or HR manager presses the new hire button in Greenhouse Recruiting, data automatically shares with Greenhouse Onboarding. From there, an HR manager controls the flow of data from Greenhouse Onboarding to UKG by changing the value of a custom field to “Ready for processing.”

One of the unique features of this cloud communication company’s custom integration is that the automation pulls over “ready for processing” new hires from Greenhouse as pending hires in UKG that are further reviewed before committing the employee. These steps were chosen to meet the public company’s SOX-compliant approval process.

Coolest Features of This Integration

New hire data from either system, Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding, triggers data sharing with UKG. This is a major time saver as offer data can stay in Greenhouse Recruiting without being re-entered in Greenhouse Onboarding before showing up in UKG.

Flexspring’s integration also works with both custom fields and international hires.

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