Flexspring Wins Top International Partner Award at the 2024 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit

Hopscotch Primary Care’s HR Team Saves 20 Hours a Month with a Greenhouse® to ADP® Integration

“One connector liberated our HR team from over 20 hours of laborious manual data entry each month, boosting overall team satisfaction and contributing to a remarkable 100% increase in morale. Easiest integration solution I’ve ever experienced.” — Theresa Mastellon, Director, People Operations, Hopscotch Primary Care

Integration Challenge  

Experiencing rapid growth, a leading primary care healthcare company in the US, recruiting 10-12 employees monthly, wanted to enhance efficiency as it transitioned to ADP Workforce Now® for payroll management. The company sought to automate data calculations in ADP each pay cycle and synchronize employee data seamlessly between Greenhouse and ADP Workforce Now. The objective was to simplify tasks for a primarily remote workforce, reducing time-consuming activities and mitigating the risk of errors associated with entering data in two distinct systems.

Integration Solution

The healthcare company partnered with Flexspring, an ADP Marketplace Platinum Partner, for a smooth integration linking Greenhouse and ADP Workforce Now. Flexspring’s solution simplified processes, freeing HR professionals from repetitive tasks and ensuring error-free synchronization between the two platforms. With this automation, when new employees join Hopscotch Primary Care, their information instantly populates in ADP, streamlining the payroll processing workflow.

Integration Use Case: New Hires from Greenhouse to ADP

When a hiring manager presses the hired button in Greenhouse, new hire data automatically syncs in ADP with essential information needed to process payroll
in real-time.

Coolest Feature: Quick Integration

“The integration was swift and seamless,” said Theresa Mastellon, Director of People Operations at Hopscotch, who spearheaded the project. “The system’s efficiency and time-saving features empower me to prioritize more strategic HR initiatives, ensuring that payroll is accurately and effortlessly managed. Having led numerous integrations, I can confidently say that the integration facilitated by the data integration experts at Flexspring was the smoothest I’ve ever experienced.”

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