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HR Team Saves Time and Improves Efficiency with a UKG to ATS Integration

"The integration from Flexspring is seamless—it does all the work in the background. What used to be a labor-intensive procedure, especially when setting up new locations or cost centers, is now a 'set-it-and-forget-it' process. If any issues arise, Flexspring’s Monitor has me covered." – Senior HRIS Analyst, Community Bank

Integration Challenge

A community bank with numerous branches across the U.S. contacted Flexspring to extract performance reports and data from their ATS (applicant tracking system) into UKG. They also wanted to ensure that when recruiters and hiring managers log into their ATS, they recognize company structures and can go to work immediately on a specific job in a particular office location. Finally, they needed a simple integration so that when an employee reaches a particular step in the recruiting process, new hires automatically send to UKG Onboarding®.

Integration Solution:

Thanks to its partnership with Flexspring, the bank’s foundational data sets, such as organizations, job fields, and departments, sync from UKG to their ATS, maintaining consistency across systems and enabling recruiters and hiring managers to work with familiar company structures when managing job postings and candidates. Finally, through automation, transferring new hire data to UKG ensures a seamless onboarding process, with essential employee information readily available.

Integration Use Cases

1. ATS Data Extraction

This use case extracts all performance review data from the ATS and inserts it into an archive for record-keeping purposes.

2. Foundational Data from UKG to the ATS

This use case brings foundational data sets such as organizations, locations, job fields, job templates, departments, and custom fields from UKG into the ATS, eliminating significant double-data entry between applications.

3. New Hires from the ATS to UKG

When a recruiter or HR manager presses the new hire button in the ATS, new hire data automatically syncs in UKG Onboarding with employee data essential for onboarding.

The Coolest Feature of This Integration: Automation

"Implementing automation saved me approximately 5 hours every other week—especially by freeing me from copying and pasting job descriptions,” said the Senior HRIS Analyst in charge of the project. “While I know the total time saved is even greater than that, the real game-changer is the automation—it's been the cornerstone of our efficiency."

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