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interviewIA Dramatically Boosts Software Usage with a Flexspring Integration Connector

“We partnered with Flexspring because integrations are critical for our business, but we didn’t have the luxury of building them full-time. Before the integration, our software handled over 450 interviews for a major Healthcare client (35,000 employees nationwide) in one year. After we implemented Flexspring’s integration, we did nearly the same number in just one quarter!”  — Carolyn Lyons, Chief Operating Officer, interviewIA

Integration Challenge  

interviewIA pioneers advanced interview technology for culture-aligned teams and top-tier talent selection in healthcare hiring. Their platform guides interviewers using a structured interview process that quickly attracts and retains long-term qualified candidates.

The interviewIA team knew their SaaS-enabled interviewing management platform was unique and valuable, but they needed to integrate data with popular applicant tracking systems to grow and attract new business. Some clients even demanded integration. Thus, the goal was to eliminate manual data inputs to save time, increase data accuracy, and foster a seamless user experience for new and existing clients.

Integration Solution

interviewIA turned to HR data integration experts, Flexspring, to develop custom integration connectors for their clients using the iCIMS applicant tracking system. Data integration allowed interviewIA engineers to remain focused on their software platform’s R&D rather than spend time building complex integrations.

Integration Use Cases

Rather than experiencing HR bottlenecks that can only be resolved by manual data entry, the iCIMS to interviewIA data connector automates the job requisition, candidate data, and interview results process.

1. Job Requisition Data from iCIMS to interviewIA 

Data for each open position within a company syncs from iCIMS to interviewIA, including job ID, title, department, and date position was posted.

2. Application Data from iCIMS to interviewIA 

Information from each candidate applying for an open position transfers from iCIMS to interviewIA.

3. Interview Results from interviewIA to iCIMS 

When an applicant completes the interview process, the integration sends the candidate ranking data and insights from interviewIA to iCIMS.

Coolest Features of This Integration

“We are very happy about how fast Flexspring worked with us to deliver this integration,” said Lyons. “Our clients demand integration to avoid manual, duplicate data inputs that can lead to errors. Integration is a must for our user experience at scale. Good interviewing leads to great teams for our clients. In the healthcare sector, that’s literally a matter of life and death.”

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