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Paycor® Teams Up with Flexspring for Data Integration Solutions

Flexspring, the recognized expert in data integration for HR applications, is excited to announce a new partnership with Paycor, a leading platform of cloud-based human capital management solutions for payroll, benefits, and human resources.

Paycor clients can save time and money by streamlining their HR processes to avoid manual double-data entry between Paycor and virtually any HR app with Flexspring’s Paycor connectors. From simplified HR management processes to streamlined payroll operations, the partnership between Flexspring and Paycor empowers organizations with the tools and services they need to enhance workforce management.

Paycor integration enables data sharing in near real-time for new hires, employee updates, and journal entries between Paycor and virtually any ATS, Core HR, or ERP system.

Flexspring’s data integration solutions allow HR professionals to focus on more strategic actions that grow their organizations. Integration also eliminates human data errors that commonly occur during manual double-data entry.

How will HR professionals benefit from Paycor integrations?

  • Gain seamless, hands-free integration between Paycor and any HR apps.
  • Save time and money by avoiding manual, double-data entry between apps.
  • No IT resources are needed to create an integration.
  • Increase security by reducing the creation of unnecessary user accounts, duplicate employee profiles, and people involved with manual data entry.

Popular Paycor integration solutions:

New Hires from an ATS or Core HR System to Paycor

As soon as a hiring manager presses the hired button in an ATS or Core HR system, new hire data automatically syncs in Paycor with essential information needed to process payroll in real time.

Employee Updates from a Core HR System to Paycor

As soon as current employee data changes in a Core HR system, the data automatically updates in Paycor. Data integration ensures that all employee data needed to process payroll is up-to-date for current employees.

Paycor Payroll to ERP Journal Entries

This integration extracts weekly or bi-weekly payroll data from Paycor and automatically imports the payroll data into your ERP. Specifically, this integration summarizes multiple lines of Paycor payroll data—for example, earnings, deductions, taxes, etc.—to create one journal entry per payroll run per subsidiary.

Expense Reimbursement from an ERP to Paycor

Takes all approved expense reimbursements from your ERP that are beyond regular compensations—for example, travel deductions, mileage, or cell phone—and imports the expense data into Paycor.

“We’re incredibly excited about this new partnership with Paycor,” said Scott Bartos, Flexspring's Director of Alliances & Partnerships. “We are eager to help Paycor clients streamline their businesses with time-saving integrations.”

For more information about Paycor integration and to request Paycor integration guides, visit Flexspring’s Paycor connector page.

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