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Quinyx Integration with ADP Now Available

Quinyx partnered with Flexspring to create new Quinyx to ADP connectors that streamline HR workflows. These new Quinyx connectors automatically share employee data, timesheets, and vacation accruals between Quinyx and ADP in near real-time.

Customers that use Quinyx, a complete AI-powered workforce management solution, and ADP for payroll can now benefit from hands-free, seamless integration between the apps. Quinyx partnered with HR data integration expert, Flexspring, to create a time-saving suite of connectors that allow HR departments to avoid manual data entry between Quinyx and ADP. 

Jay Schwerman, Director of US Partnerships and Workforce Solutions, said:

“We wanted to make data integration between Quinyx and ADP easy. Now Quinyx users can manage workforce needs for scheduling, time and attendance, and vacations in Quinyx and have all that data appear automatically in ADP, ready to process payroll. Flexspring understood our use cases and delivered hands-free integrations that they can custom-tailor to fit any business.”

Flexspring focuses solely on HR data integration. Flexspring, an ADP Platinum Marketplace Partner, was the obvious partner for ADP integration. Yan Courtois, CEO and co-founder of Flexspring, said:

“We’ve built many integrations that connect HR software apps to ADP. No one on the ADP Marketplace has created more connectors with ADP than Flexspring. Quinyx was spectacular to work with. Their integration use cases are highly specific, and our experts really enjoyed crafting these solutions.”

The new Quinyx with ADP connectors cover three popular use cases.

  1. Employee Data from ADP to Quinyx. This use case brings employee data, including new hires, employee updates, and terminations from ADP into Quinyx. This way, Quinyx can manage workforce resource needs for scheduling, vacations, time and attendance, and employee engagement for all employees.
  2. Timesheets from Quinyx to ADP. This use case sends timesheet information for hourly workers and salaried employees from Quinyx to ADP in order to process weekly or bi-weekly payroll. This integration also manages vacation and leave time.
  3. Vacation Accruals from ADP to Quinyx. This use case brings each employee’s accrued vacation hours back from ADP into Quinyx. This way, employees can see how much vacation time they have available directly in Quinyx.
    Without integration, Quinyx deducts vacation time but is not aware of ADP adjustments and increases to an employee’s vacation hours. This integration brings both calculations together to keep Quinyx up to date so that each employee can view their actual available vacation time directly in Quinyx.

Quinyx knows that streamlining HR workflows to remove manual data entry between apps is essential for maximizing workforce efficiency and keeping morale high. HR professionals prefer to focus on strategic tasks that help grow a company rather than tedious data entry. 

A complete Quinyx with ADP Integration Guide is available with details of each integration and pricing.

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