Flexspring Wins Top International Partner Award at the 2024 ADP Marketplace Partner Summit

Standard Bank Successfully Outsources All HR App Integration to Flexspring

“Other companies will tell you that they understand HR data, its logic, and APIs, but Flexspring truly understands the nuances of HR data integration. No matter the complexity, logic, or business processes that we challenged Flexspring with, their experts delivered. Using their Flexspring iPaaS, and applying the correct logic, they transform data from sources and successfully integrate with various target employee lifecycle systems. If you want experts to integrate your entire suite of HR applications and modernize how your business provisions data, Flexspring is your partner.”  — Johann Serfontein, Head of Programme Office and Data Governance, People and Culture, Standard Bank

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Integration Overview  

Standard Bank is an international bank operating in 27 countries. To streamline back-office efficiency, Standard Bank launched a comprehensive initiative that consolidated HR systems from 80+ systems to 15 key systems and standardized processes across all of its branches. After running a proof of concept with Flexspring on several data integrations, Standard Bank saw the benefit of outsourcing all HR integration to Flexspring and their easier-to-scale integration platform, Flexspring.

Over two years, Flexspring created 51 custom integrations that run on Flexspring. Standard Bank completely modernized how data is provisioned in the cloud, dramatically improved efficiency by leveraging APIs for near real-time data sharing across apps, and dramatically improved reporting capabilities and predictive analytics by leveraging millions of records.

“I’ve never seen as great a level of sophistication and thoughtfulness in an HR application ecosystem as what Standard Bank of South Africa created,” said Yan Courtois, CEO of Flexspring. “Standard Bank’s team leverages data with a profound understanding of how systems work together. This results in game-changing decision making. Truly amazing vision and leadership. Working to meet their rigorous requirements has made Flexspring a better company on all fronts.”

Key Benefits of Integration by Flexspring

Faster Integration

Flexspring’s expertise and its Flexspring iPaaS reduced implementation time by 50% over previous internal integrations. With custom mapping, custom logic, and user acceptance testing, average integration time took 6 weeks. Flexspring completed one integration in 2 weeks. 

Increased Data Integrity

Flexspring connectors use custom logic to translate data from the target to the source. When using many HR apps, this point-to-point approach improves data integrity. Any data record that is incomplete or has an error following a hand-off is automatically flagged in Flexspring Monitor, allowing HR to fix a record at the source. 

Increased Productivity

Standard Bank now saves thousands of hours by avoiding manual double-data entry across HR apps. For example, integration eliminates most paper-based and manual processes that took days and creates new employee records instantly upon hiring, speeding onboarding processes. 

Improved Data Provisioning

Point-to-point integration eliminates the need for unwieldy data warehouses to be maintained on premises. There are no manual download and manual upload file processes. Standard Bank can now run comprehensive reports in minutes on millions of records in the cloud and predictive analytics that were previously impossible. 

GDPR-compliant and POPIA compliant integration

Flexspring’s integrations are true, point-to-point, encrypted solutions that don’t store data. They are GDPR compliant, POPIA compliant, SOC 2 certified, and meet enterprise-level security standards.

App Integration Overview

Coolest Features of Flexspring

“Some of the applications that we use are not API-ready or do not cater to our custom needs," said  Geraldene Naicker, a Data Integration Specialist, People and Culture, at Standard Bank. "Flexspring easily managed hybrid integrations by pulling flat files from one system and translating them into the API-language of another system. API updates, in some instances, happen every 10 minutes. The end-user has no idea of the complexity that’s going on in the background. The data is just available.”

Download this client case study.

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