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Tech Company’s Sales and Accounting Teams Save Time with Salesforce® to Odoo® Data Integration

“This Salesforce with Odoo integration allows Accounting to get the answers they need automatically so they don’t have to spend time tracking down details from our sales team. Automation eliminates the administrative burden on the sales team so they can concentrate on selling more! Automation also calculates commissions faster and more accurately—which our sales team loves.”  — VP of Sales, Global Technology Company

Integration Challenge

For years, the company’s sales team compiled each new client’s data, contact information, sales quotes, and software product subscription information into PDF files. Once complete, they passed these files to their accounting department staff, who would manually enter the same data into Odoo for invoicing and administration.

This time-consuming process led to data errors and lots of back and forth between departments for clarification. To grow the business, the company knew its sales team needed to focus on closing deals efficiently, and its accounting team had to eliminate manual data entry tasks by embracing automation to save time and money.

Integration Solution

Custom data integration by Flexspring eliminated manual double-data entry across the company’s sales and accounting systems ensuring efficient, up-to-date, error-free data. 

Integration Use Cases

1. New Accounts from Salesforce Sales Cloud to Odoo

When a new account is created, this integration automatically brings over new account data from Salesforce Sales Cloud into Odoo with all company data—including contact information—required for managing the account. 

2. New Quotes from Salesforce CPQ to Odoo

Upon winning a sales opportunity in Salesforce CPQ, this integration syncs the quote into Odoo for the accounting team to review and confirm. When a contract is signed, any additional or updated quotes are automatically synced from Salesforce CPQ to Odoo.

3. Subscription and Product Updates from Salesforce CPQ to Odoo

When a client’s subscriptions or products are changed or updated, this integration syncs the updated information from Salesforce CPQ to Odoo, ensuring invoicing remains accurate in Odoo. Integration assures consistent data across the sales process for fast and accurate sales commission calculations.

Coolest Features of This Integration

“Data integration makes both our sales and accounting staff happy,” said the company’s VP of Sales. “When our sales team builds a quote, the selected line items automatically go to accounting — no more manual data entry! Additionally, the sales commission process is much easier now because data is consistent across the entire quote-to-cash process. Being able to see real-time customer subscription changes means better revenue forecasting. Data integration was always our vision — to enter information once and have it populate everywhere. With Flexspring, our vision was achieved!”

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