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M3 Recruiting Team Saves Valuable Time with Greenhouse to Predictive Index Integration

“Previously, we had to manually enter data into the Predictive Index website, adding multiple items for each candidate. With Flexspring’s integration, we’ve saved countless hours by avoiding manual administrative tasks, allowing us to focus on recruiting. We don’t have to think about the integration—it just happens!”  — Jeremy Schwartz, Corporate Recruiter, M3

Integration Challenge  

M3 is a cloud-based financial platform and services company used by over 7,000 hotel properties and over 1,000 hospitality management groups and owner-operators across the U.S. To remain successful, M3 knew it had to avoid manual double-data entry tasks to free its HR team to focus on recruiting. 

Manually entering information from Greenhouse into the Predictive Index website for each candidate wasted valuable time for their corporate recruiter. “Everything I do can be done from Greenhouse,” said Jeremy Schwartz, M3’s Corporate Recruiter. “I don’t need to go into the Predictive Index website unless I need to create a different profile for a new role.” 

Integration Solution

Flexspring was able to help M3 automate its time-consuming candidate assessment workflow. No longer does the recruiter need to enter a candidate’s name and email address, assessments to send, whether they’re a candidate or current employee, or the appropriate job title. Everything is automated, and everything connects. 

Integration Use Cases

1. Automatically trigger Predictive Index assessments

Once a candidate reaches the phone interview stage in the Greenhouse talent acquisition workflow, this integration automatically triggers the Predictive Index cognitive and behavioral assessments for that candidate. 

2. Export candidate data from Greenhouse into Predictive Index

This integration automatically extracts the candidate name, and email address from Greenhouse into Predictive Index to begin the cognitive and behavioral assessments. 

3. Automatically sends candidate invite

Predictive Index automatically sends out an invite with a personalized link inviting the candidate to take their assessments. Candidate data and the job target already pre-populate their assessment forms to improve a candidate’s experience. 

4. Export candidate test results from Predictive Index into Greenhouse

The candidate’s test results securely extract from Predictive Index and import back into Greenhouse. 

Coolest Features of This Integration

“The most unique feature,” said Schwartz, “is that it triggers the integration and then on the back end, once the candidate has completed the Predictive Index assessments, that file exports into Greenhouse. This makes my life easier because I live and breathe in Greenhouse every day. Being able to stay in Greenhouse and not go into another application to search for results in the candidate’s profile is the best feature of this integration.”  

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