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Roostify Finance Team Saves 32 Hours a Month with ADP to NetSuite Integration

“The biggest pluses for us with our ADP to NetSuite integrations [New Hires and Payroll to Journal Entries] are that they save time and eliminate human error in data entry. Before, we needed one person dedicated to manually making changes and updates into NetSuite, which took them about 8 hours per week. Now we’re saving a day’s worth of time every week!”  — Iryna Sukhanovska, Corporate Controller, Roostify

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Integration Challenge  

To streamline their back office, Roostify wanted to automate data coming into NetSuite® from ADP Workforce Now® with a hands-free, point-to-point solution. Without automation from Flexspring, manually entering multiple payroll files and syncing employee updates each month was inefficient. This occupied an entire day’s worth of a full-time employee’s schedule every week and reduced productivity for this fast-growing software company that connects customers and lenders to accelerate and simplify the mortgage lending experience.

Integration Solution

Roostify relied on ADP Marketplace Platinum Partner, Flexspring, to create custom ADP to NetSuite integrations to meet the company’s precise requirements. The solution automatically shares payroll data, new hires, and employee updates in ADP with NetSuite, freeing their accounting and HR departments from redundant double-data entry. 

Integration Use Cases:

ADP Payroll to NetSuite Journal Entries

After processing payroll, a payroll team member at Roostify clicks the create general ledger button in ADP Workforce Now, triggering the automation. Then, ADP automatically places a payroll file on a secure server. Automation sweeps up this file, and within minutes, payroll data—without any risk of error from manual data entry—successfully imports payroll journal entries as NetSuite general ledger entries. 

This payroll integration helps to capture all information related to payroll, including employer’s contributions matching based on different company policies. 

New Hires and Employee Updates from ADP to NetSuite 

The moment an employee is hired or information is updated in ADP, employee data automatically syncs in NetSuite in near real-time with the data needed for workforce management. At a mid-size company, like Roostify, you can see that employees’ records are updated almost daily. Somebody moves, somebody gets a promotion, and so on. Integration saves the HR team time and reduces manual errors—letting the team focus on what is important for the company: employee development, corporate culture, and internal productive relationships.

Coolest Features of This Integration

The ADP to NetSuite integration not only saves Roostify time by automating data and eliminating manual data entry errors, but it also helps to streamline the training of new payroll/accounting staff. Supervisors no longer need to spend time explaining the complex process of updating fields—Flexspring’s integration does it automatically!

“The specialists at Flexspring were always quick to answer our integration questions,” added Sukhanovska, “and this communication sped up the process and allowed our integrations to be completed on time.”

Download this case study.

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