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Satellite Healthcare HR Team Saves Huge Amount of Time and Effort with Oracle Taleo Business Edition to ADP Workforce Now Integration

“I can't imagine the effort that it would take us to manually update new hires, transfers, and promotions alone. Data integration saves us a huge amount of time and effort, and it all happens so quickly! ” – Laura Ferem, IT Business Systems Analyst, Satellite Healthcare

Integration Challenge:

Satellite Healthcare is a leading, national non-profit kidney care company with more than 2,800 employees caring for about 8,500 patients in more than 90 centers across California, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Georgia, and South Carolina. Constantly recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new healthcare workers proved to its HR team that manual data entry between Taleo Business Edition and ADP Workforce Now was glaringly inefficient.

Switching from manual double-data entry to data automation between apps was vital for the organization to keep pace with an ever-increasing and evolving workforce.

Integration Solution:

Satellite Healthcare turned to ADP Marketplace Platinum Partner, Flexspring, to create custom integrations with Taleo Business Edition to meet their precise industry requirements.

Integration Use Cases:

1. New Hires from Taleo Business Edition to ADP Workforce Now

As soon as new employee criteria are met in Taleo Business Edition, the associated new hire data is pushed to ADP Workforce Now via API to support the pending hire process by the HR team.

2. Transfers & Promotion Data from Taleo Business Edition to ADP Workforce Now

Data for transferred or promoted employees is extracted from Taleo Business Edition and imported into ADP Workforce Now.

3. Foundational Data from ADP Workforce Now to Taleo Business Edition

This integration syncs the foundational data of ADP Workforce Now with Taleo Business Edition. New locations, departments, and job codes entered in ADP are transferred to Taleo using APIs.

4. User Creation and Updates from ADP Workforce Now to Taleo Business Edition

This integration gives ADP Workforce Now managers user access to Taleo Business Edition. Managers in ADP are transferred to Taleo to create their accesses or to update access using APIs.

Coolest feature of this integration:

“Our workforce and organizations are ever changing,” added Ferem, “and Flexspring helped us keep pace using their ADP integration expertise. We don’t transact only once a day, so we need the integrations to run three times a day, and we use Flexspring to monitor all the data. It works like a charm!”

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